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A Deep Dive Into Al Barari: Industry Eye with Evern Van Niekerk

In this edition of Industry Eye, we sat down with Evern Van Niekerk, Private Client Advisor at Maria Morris Real Estate, as he takes us through an in-depth look at Al Barari. An eco-friendly community in Dubai, Al Barari has become a popular community amongst property purchasers for its state-of-the-art infrastructure that combines luxury living with top-notch aesthetics and lush landscapes. He also discusses a gorgeous property in his current portfolio that has garnered quite the attention.

Commencing His Real Estate Career

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I was living in Dubai and working in the fitness industry. However, due to the initial early full lockdown and social restrictions in place, everything completely shut down.

Previously when I lived in South Africa, my career had always been in Sales and Sales Management. So, when the opportunity came to make the move into Dubai real estate, it seemed like an exciting career transition where I could utilise my transferable sales skills, so I jumped right in with everything I had! Around three years ago, I began focusing on Al Barari – initially on sales and rental apartments, then I quickly progressed to villas. I have now become an all-around prime and super-prime Dubai property specialist, showcasing my real estate versatility and expertise in the city’s property hotspots, including Dubai Hills, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Emirates Hills, District 1 and, obviously, my primary focus – Al Barari.

Why Al Barari?

I cannot emphasise enough why I believe Al Barari REALLY is Dubai’s hidden gem and the most prestigious neighbourhood in this emirate. The appeal of the beautiful, lush greenery and natural surroundings is second to none. Al Barari almost aims to dispel the misconception that Dubai is solely a cityscape or a desert, with its abundance of greenery and breathtaking visual experience. International buyers recognise the beauty and benefits of immersing themselves in a community like Al Barari, where they can enjoy a natural lifestyle and a sense of family and community, which sets it apart from other communities in Dubai.

Al Barari has experienced significant development and transformation over the past two years, leading to its growing popularity and appeal and introducing new projects like Lunaria, Chorisia, and IXORA has been crucial in catapulting Al Barari’s status as a prime property location. These off-plan projects feature modern and contemporary designs, which are attracting many buyers. For instance, Chorisia offers spacious townhouses with large living areas and modern features, appealing to those seeking contemporary living spaces. The Nest Villas and Residence Villas have also garnered attention due to their spaciousness and value for money. Additionally, The Collection comprises custom villas that were sold as plots pre-and post-COVID. These custom villas are completed and handed over and contribute to the diversity of Al Barari’s architectural styles, which ranges from modern contemporary to Mediterranean or Arabic styles. With such a wide variety of property types available, Al Barari caters to different preferences and needs, offering options to suit every buyer’s requirements with a mix of apartments, penthouses, duplexes, modern contemporary and traditional-style villas.

The Al Barari Market Today – And Predictions For The Future

The Al Barari market is experiencing activity from both investors and end-users. In the older communities within Al Barari, investors are purchasing properties to renovate and upgrade them. These older properties offer good value and a favourable price per square foot, making them attractive to investors. On the other hand, the newer sub-communities, such as The Nest Collection, Lunaria, and Chorisia villas, are attracting more end-users. These sub-communities feature modern and contemporary villas, which are still under construction. Overall, Al Barari offers a diverse range of communities and property types, catering to investors and end-users, so they can renovate and still achieve great profit margins later.

My prediction for Al Barari is that there will be continued growth, emphasising the community’s potential. Despite the record transactions that have already occurred, such as the AED 72M Collection villa and the AED 42M Standard Nest villa, Al Barari remains undervalued compared to other communities in Dubai. Compared to transactions in Dubai Hills, Jumeirah Golf Estates, or Emirates Hills, Al Barari offers great value, with prices per square foot generally 20 to 30 per cent lower. Al Barari’s growth will continue, driven by ongoing developments and the construction of mansion plots and custom mansions and I believe it will actually surpass transaction values in other communities, including Emirates Hills. The value, quality, spaciousness, luxury, and exclusivity found in Al Barari villas allow for higher premiums to be commanded, and I expect that by the end of the year, or possibly the beginning of the first quarter of 2024, Al Barari will come closer to reaching transaction values similar to those seen in Emirates Hills.

The Gem Of His Inventory: About Villa No. 3

Villa No.3 is an exclusive and contemporary residence that defines the essence of luxurious living in Dubai’s hidden gem community of Al Barari. This extravagant 5-bedroom villa offers a magnificent plot size of 11,993 sq. ft, providing an abundance of outdoor space, while the expansive built-up area of 10,800 sq. ft offers a truly bespoke lifestyle experience. The villa features a custom front door standing tall at 3.8 metres, floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows and open and spacious living areas, customised with furnishings from renowned brands such as Fendi, Minotti, and Hermès, adding a blend of comfort and style. The villa offers additional amenities such as a two-car covered garage, a maid’s room, a driver’s room, and a storage room or pantry; and outside, you’ll discover your very own private oasis, complete with a temperature-controlled infinity pool and sunken seating area. But what really sets this villa apart is its excellent value. Comparable modern contemporary villas of the same size and quality in other Dubai communities often come at a significantly higher price, likely requiring a substantial premium ranging from 20 to 30, or even 50 per cent more.

Maria Morris Real Estate Paving The Way

At MMRE, being a boutique brokerage, we emphasise on providing personalised, client-focused services. Whether you are a seller, landlord, or buyer in the market, you can expect a one-on-one, dedicated commitment to your needs. When it comes to selling a property, we employ various strategies to ensure that you receive the best possible price, and our team works diligently to market your listing. We understand the importance of pricing your property competitively to prospective local and international buyers.

For buyers, we strive to educate you about the market, providing insights into different communities and their price points. We aim to help property buyers make informed decisions and maximise their value for money.


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