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Grazia - Selling Dubai: The city that never sleeps is getting its first-ever real estate reality tv

First came The Real Housewives of Dubai, next came Dubai Bling and now it’s almost time to welcome Dubai’s first-ever real estate Reality TV Show, Selling Dubai.

News of the show first appeared when real estate agent Maria Morris took to Instagram to announce the new project, writing “I am absolutely thrilled to be able share that our special episode of “SELLING DUBAI” will be aired next week in the US!”

It was inevitable for Dubai – one of the world’s most valuable real estate markets – to finally showcase the opulence and luxury of its landscape on international TV.

It’s still unclear whether it will be a one-off exclusive episode, or live as an entire series. What is clear however, is that it will focus on the local agency Maria Morris Real Estate, and produced by Warner Bros, Discover Plus, HBO Max and 3Ball Productions. Whilst there still has not been confirmation on whether it will be available to watch in the region, it will be launched on Thursday 20th April across the United States. Stay tuned for more updates.


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