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The National - Selling Dubai is the newest reality show to take place in the emirate

There’s a new reality show putting Dubai in the spotlight, however, this time it focuses on the property market.

Selling Dubai started on Thursday night on HGTV in the US. The show follows realtor Maria Morris on her journey of setting up her own business in the emirate.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be able share that our special episode of Selling Dubai will be aired next week in the US! Last year we had the privilege of filming our journey of setting up my new business Maria Morris Real Estate, whilst showcasing some amazing properties in Dubai, against the backdrop of this beautiful city that I am proud to call home,” she wrote on Instagram.

A look at her company’s Instagram also shows apartments and villas valued in the millions that have been sold, including a two and a four-bedroom villa in Al Barari, Dubai.

Her website states: "Tailored specifically to meet the needs of our high net worth clientele, our business uses over 20 years of experience, utilising cutting edge creative and innovative approaches to property marketing.

"With expertise that covers the UAE, UK and Europe, and the USA, we offer truly global real estate expertise at all levels."

What are people saying?

So far there has only been one episode (and that might be it). Although the show appears to currently only be available to those in the US, some who have watched it have taken to social media to share their reactions.

One user praised the production quality of it and said it was a “job well done”.

Meanwhile, another user tweeted how it was their “new favourite show”. Finally, another user responded to the show by uploading a gif of actress Anne Hathaway with the caption "[chuckles in rich]" likely referencing the expensive homes being showcased.


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