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The Rise of Property Renovations in Dubai

With overseas demand for premium residences in Dubai continuing unabated, the upward trajectory of Dubai's prime luxury real estate market remains unwavering, with the super-prime market experiencing some of the most rapid growth rates globally in 2023.

To manage the enduring demand, Developers are in a race to match Dubai's remarkable ascent as one of the most coveted luxury second home markets worldwide, and as a result, Dubai's luxury property refurbishment trend, which is redefining the standards of design and architecture, is also peaking. Property renovations here are being driven by the demand from affluent international property buyers seeking privacy, safety, and opulence in some of Dubai’s prime locations such as Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, Dubai Hills, and Al Barari. With soaring property prices, particularly in these coveted areas, the supply of luxury homes falls short, prompting investors and landlords to capitalize on the high demand by renovating their homes to luxurious standards.

These refurbishments go beyond mere upgrades, incorporating lavish features such as cinema rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, gyms, steam rooms, spas, and elevators, enhancing the living experience to unparalleled levels of luxury. The refurbished homes boast exclusive interior and exterior designs, complemented by breathtaking views, rivalling or surpassing new constructions in elegance and functionality.

Client preferences are diverse, ranging from personal gyms to saunas and wellness areas, dressing rooms and hair and beauty spaces, luxurious outdoor terraces and pool areas, and additional entertainment areas for families and guests, reflecting a post-pandemic trend of prioritizing home amenities for work, leisure, and relaxation. Renovations also involve reconfiguring spaces and layouts to accommodate various lifestyles and family needs, with particular attention given to kitchens, living areas and bathrooms, where updated features not only enhance property value but also offer endless customization possibilities.

A perfect example of a newly renovated super-prime residence in Al Barari is La Maison Amal – an exceptional 5-bedroom residence which boasts the most luxurious features and amenities throughout, where wellness, is not just a concept but a way of living and has been renovated to exceptionally high global standards.

Rohit Vig from La Maison Amal Developer Ascendas Limited commented “With La Maison Amal we wanted to build a property that epitomizes the essence of Al Barari’s prestigious community. Its re-development and renovation serve as a testament to Al Barari's commitment to luxury living and sustainable design and wellness. With its fusion of opulent interiors and harmonious integration with nature, La Maison Amal sets a new standard for luxury home renovation in Dubai's supper-prime real estate market”.

Renovating a home offers numerous benefits, including increased property value, enhanced liveability, and market competitiveness. It is very evident that in Al Barari, a well-executed renovation can not only significantly raise the property's value, but also improve a properties liveability by tailoring the space to the homeowner's needs, integrating smart home technology and sustainable features for convenience and efficiency.

Other such villa renovation examples in Al Barari, sold and listed by Maria Morris Real Estate include a Jasmine Leaf 4 villa, which has been sold as shell and core and is currently in its renovation stage, and a villa in Desert Leaf 5, which currently has exciting plans in progress for a complete transformation in terms of design and overall aesthetic.

It’s not just villas that potential buyers are eyeing up for renovation opportunities in Dubai.  One such example is a 3-bedroom penthouse currently listed by Maria Morris Real Estate which boasts a host of unique design elements incorporated during a full renovation, such as rooftop terraces, private gardens and built-in wine cellar and humidor, maximizing the property’s investment potential.

Ellie Street, Area Sales Manager at Maria Morris Real Estate commented “The surge in property renovations we are seeing in Al Barari stems from its advantageous price per square foot compared to other popular hotspots such as Jumeirah Islands and The Palm. With significantly lower prices in Al Barari, when compared with other prime and super-prime communities, property buyers are investing more in their homes, drawn by the larger plot sizes and impressive community offering in terms of wellness and lifestyle amenities”.

So, if you're considering buying property in Dubai, don't hesitate to contact Maria Morris Real Estate. We'll equip you with the right knowledge and personalized service to ensure a smooth and successful real estate journey. Let us help you find your dream home in the heart of Dubai.

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